Low Entry Nursing Care Beds

Low Entry Nursing Care Beds
Economy Low Entry Bed Classic Low Entry Nursing Bed - No Side Rails Classic Low Entry Nursing Bed - With Side Rails Medium Risk, CFM Medium - High Risk, CFM - H High Risk, CFM (Memory Foam) High Risk CFZ (Zonal) High - Very High Risk DFM
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Our lowest priced ‘Economy Low Entry Nursing Bed’
The fact that it is not as beautiful as our other two options is only cosmetic. The fact that it does not have safety cot sides is no longer an issue as they must not necessarily be used. Note. The sleeping position must be the lowest height position possible and a safety floor mat must be used.
Classic Low Entry Nursing Bed WITHOUT Safety Side Rails
For just an additional £100 you can upgrade the appearance and quality to this ‘Classic low Entry Care Bed’ If the bed is intended for a health authority, care home or nursing home it is the responsibility of a professional to ensure that it is in the lowest position for sleeping and the safety floor mat is in place.
Classic Low Entry Nursing Bed WITH Safety Side Rails
If for any reason there is a chance that the user may sleep when the bed is not in the lowest position the consequences could be disastrous. In this case the Classic low entry nursing bed WITH safety side rails is a safer option and is better looking as the wooden sides even in the low position give the appearance of an attractive wooden frame. A great advantage of this bed is that if the user needs attention during the night it can be left in a raised position with the safety side rails in place.

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