It is crucial to select the most appropriate mattress for the needs of the user in order to manage correct pressure care. If the user is considered to be at risk of developing a pressure ulcer then there should be an assessment made of the user’s skin. This assessment will identify the risk that he or she is at of developing a pressure sore. It will also identify if there is evidence of early stages of pressure damage.

Medium - High

Highly affordable pressure care mattress option. For users who require comfort but are not at very high risk of  developing a pressure sore.

High - Very High

A very low priced high quality mattress range for users at high to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer. The reduced pressure brings greater comfort.


The ‘Bariatric’ is a high quality non-turn mattress for high dependency patients. It has a weight guide of over 25st (160kg) to 40st 254kg. Can be purchased with our Bariatric bed.

Alternating Air

Prevention and cure of pressure ulcers.Overlay system or full mattress replacement. Self-adjusting during alternating pressure mode to suit the users weight. For Patients at Medium to Very High risk.

For more please read our blog article Choosing your nursing care mattress.

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